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The Ghost on the Beach: Who Killed Eleanor Marlowe? is an outstanding paranormal mystery novel. Scarlett Dunn’s superb character development, well-crafted plot, and skillful intertwining of two mysteries while maintaining a sense of humor and a romantic subplot make for a riveting and engaging read that will leave readers satisfied.


“Dunn’s historical western, set along the trail from Missouri to Wyoming, combines devastation with redemption in a well-written tale packed with strong characterizations and deep emotions. This uplifting novel will keep readers warm all winter. — Starred review Publishers Weekly


This Week in Texas Magazine – Review by Steve Pardue

Characters 5 Stars – Originality 5 Stars – Engaging 5 Stars – Great Plot 5 Stars

I was thrilled when I had heard that Scarlett Dunn had published her second murder mystery. I loved the first one, Murder on the Bluegrass Bourbon Train so much that I knew I would love the second. I was not the least bit disappointed! I LOVED it!

I love a good murder mystery and this one had a lot of suspects and possible scenarios. Scarlett Dunn is able to spin a great mystery, and her extensive experience as a romance novelist leads to a more impassioned and intimate adventure.

Both books are a great read! . . .

Steve Pardue


Dunn intersperses enough action and love in this faith-filled inspirational to soften the hardest hearts. Weaknesses are revealed, temptations are strong, tough lessons are learned, and forgiveness is earned. This uplifting novel will keep readers warm all winter. –  


“Fans of both ethical dramas and historical romances will find much to enjoy.”

WHISPERING PINES – – 4 stars Romantic Times Book Reviews

Whispering Pines produces strong emotions for the reader, and allows us to change our minds about characters as we take this journey with them. Recommended for all those who love a good romantic mystery.”

RETURN TO WHISPERING PINES – – 4 Stars Romantic Times Reviews

“Dunn gives great visual accounts of the town, with well-developed characters. With fast-paced writing, and many unexpected twists and turns, you will want to keep reading to see the outcome. Like the first installment, this book leads the reader to strong emotions and opinions. Conflict begins right from the start.” 


“A textured, uplifting, inspirational love story.”

FINDING PROMISE – – Booklist named FINDING PROMISE one of the top inspirationals of the year

“Promise is a brave, resilient heroine of faith…[in] Dunn’s subtly inspirational western romance. Finding Promise follows Promises Kept in Dunn’s McBride Brothers series; libraries will want both and those to follow.”

FINDING PROMISE – – Publishers Weekly

“Marshal Jake McBride is the quintessential romance hero: strong, fiercely loyal to his family and dedicated to justice.”

FINDING PROMISE – – Romantic Times Book Reviews

“An enjoyable historical romance with charming characters…The storyline is believable and flow smoothly, with nice twists and turns. Dunn is a talented author who gives fans what they expect in historical romance.”

LAST PROMISE – – Romantic Times Book Reviews, 4 Stars

“It is bittersweet when a series ends; questions are answered, readers are reunited with beloved characters. Mary Ann was a favorite; she defied her family and society to explore the Wild West and to prove she could take care of herself. Dunn in a talented author who has brought new and refreshing ideas to the historical romance genre.”

LAST PROMISE – – Carey Ostergard, First for Women Magazine June 2016

“The banter between these two free-spirited characters had me smiling bigger and bigger as I turned each page. I didn’t want it to end!”

LAST PROMISE – –  – First for Women on LAST PROMISE

“This one swept me off my feet . . . I didn’t want it to end!”


Whispering Pines (The Langtry Sisters)JJaresOriginal and a Page-Turner

April 24, 2022: Scarlet Dunn writes realistic stories that bob and weave, so the reader must keep turning pages. Her plots are original and suspenseful. Rose Langtry has returned from the East to find her brother at the end of a hangman’s rope for rustling and attempted murder. Rose convinces Morgan LeMaster, the leader and deputized authority of the hanging group, to let the law Frank’s fate when Frank Langtry tricks everyone and gets loose.

The rest of the book is the vengeance Frank wreaks on Morgan for attempting to thwart him in his deadly pursuits. Morgan is a prosperous rancher who has put up with Frank, Stevie (Frank and Rose’s brother), and the rest of Frank’s rustlers for too long. The characters are believable and very complex. Granny, who raised these grandkids when their parents perished, is a person with a solid moral compass. She is the glue that holds them together.

I read this in record time because I couldn’t put it down. However, I immediately began on the second book (see below) because it seemed to continue the first book.

Return to Whispering Pines (The Langtry Sisters)JJaresSuperb Reading Entertainment

April 25, 2022: Frankly, I didn’t think the first book of this series could have been improved upon; I was wrong. These three stories (see below) should be read in order; they are connected in very important ways. This story is a continuation of the Langtry sisters’ lives. They all left five years ago and have individually returned to Whispering Pines and their grandmother.

Adelaide Langtry has returned home to Whispering Pines with three children in tow.  She plans to be the town’s teacher and also start up an orphanage. She hopes to adopt the three siblings together, although Addie is devoted to them. However, adoption is only open to married couples, and Addie is single.  The youngest of the three children, Claire, hops out of the stagecoach in Whispering Pines and calls the sheriff (Jack Roper) “Papa.” Oddly enough, Jack is not upset by the little charmer attaching herself to him because Jack grew up in an orphanage in the East.  He ran away early because of the horrible conditions and he understands the fears of the trio of children.

The outlaw brother from the first book, Frank Langtry, has his own story of a marriage. He convinces his new wife, Charlotte (a judge’s daughter), that he’s going to get the case of errors against himself cleared, and then they can move on together. Charlotte is wealthy and very attractive. She’s young and believes his every word. Frank knows how to pour on the charm when he needs to, although he is still making plans with his outlaw gang.


5.0 out of 5 stars
 Great book, hope she writes a sequel!
Reviewed in the United States on October 19, 2020 Great storyline and characters, especially for bourbon fans and dog lovers (I am guilty of both). Mystery and romance story with class and humor, so many books today lack both. I hope she writes a sequel, I fell in love with Elvis! Still plenty to write about with Honey/Sam, Preston/Georgia, and maybe even Woodrow and Sam’s Grandma? I liked this book so much that I just bought the 3 books in her “Promise” series to read. I highly recommend this book! Mrs. Kendrick


Dr. Thoma Law
5.0 out of 5 stars

Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2020 Dunn keeps the reader guessing until the last few pages. In my estimation this is the mark of a good murder mystery. If the author gives away too much at the beginning why would the reader continue to read the novel. That is not the case in this book.

Murder on the Bluegrass Bourbon Train is entertaining with a number of novel characters. It also has the classic aspects of a good popular book – murder, mystery, money, and sex. Though sexual attraction runs throughout the book between a number of the characters and there is an affair or two, the book never falls into the trap of the tawdrier pulp fiction with the characters going from bed to bed. No, these are well developed characters you would run into as you walk the streets of any Kentucky town.

The element of its location and motif adds a special charm to the book. While the reader will learn a little about bourbon and its accouterments it is the “southern charm” of Kentuckians reflected in the pages that will call your attention. If you know anything about Kentucky you will readily find someone you have met in these pages. If you don’t know any, you are in for a treat as you meet these special people.

I would highly encourage anyone who is a fan of murder mysteries to pick up Scarlett Dunn’s new book. You won’t be disappointed.


Christmas Road – Amazon reader

When Yellow Fever takes a toll on his hometown, Clint rushes home to see his mother. Upon arriving home he sees that most people have escaped. Clint goes looking for the woman who took care of his mother while she was sick. When he finds the young widow and her two girls, will he find a connection to keep him at home? This is definitely my favorite of this collection of novellas. I adored Clint and Amelia. All of the other characters were so amazing as well. I wish this one was longer so that we got more time with these characters!


This book really touched me with “the magic of Christmas”. It is the story of Clint, a wandering cowboy who is trying to put his life back together after the Civil War, and Amelia, a young widow with 2 small children trying to outrun a yellow fever outbreak.
I loved the characters, even the secondary ones. The storyline was entertaining and uplifting without being sickly sweet. It also touches on the gifts of gratitude and generosity. The writing was well done and there was a happily ever after ending for all.
5 stars

PROMISES KEPT (The McBride Brothers)Kindle Customer10 out of 5 stars!

August 25, 2015Format : Mass Market PaperbackWow! If I could give this book 10 stars, I wouldn’t hesitate. Action, adventure, mystery, intrigue, love, hate, death, life, sacrifice, a beautiful and strong woman, a hunky and hot cowboy – this book has it all and then some. This clean but definitely not boring romance was a page-turner for me that was very hard to put down, and it is definitely on my ‘to read again’ list.

FINDING PROMISE (The McBride Brothers)Carolyn ClarkAnother to enjoy!!

February 16, 2016Format : Mass Market Paperback | Just like her first book, this one had me from the beginning!!! I love that she adds sex without being vulgar!! Those brothers are so great!! Wish they had an uncle for me. Am anxious for the McBride brothers to come out in more books. Reads like watching a movie!! Can’t wait for the next!! Wish Ms. Dunn was a speed writer!!

PROMISES KEPT (The McBride Brothers)Carolyn ClarkGreat new author!!

February 16, 2016Format : Mass Market Paperback | I sure did love this book!! It caught me from the beginning and I fell in love with Colt!!! Enjoyed the story in a story. All of her books read like watching a movie!! The flow is smooth. You’ll enjoy!!

FINDING PROMISE (The McBride Brothers)Barbara A Klein Historical Fiction BooksGood Western Novel

February 6, 2016 Format : Mass Market PaperbackThe McBride Brothers series by Scarlett Dunn is well worth your time. I read the first book in the series and liked it very much. I have just finished the second book in the series “Finding Promise”. This book hits the ground running and never stops. I am amazed that one author can envision so many plots and problems for one hero and one heroine. I am eagerly waiting for the next book in the series which will be about the youngest McBride brother, Luke. Ms. Dunn has a way with western historical romances. The west was a wild and woolly place back in the day and we are provided with a montage of them throughout the book. I recommend this author and her novels.

LAST PROMISE (The McBride Brothers)eskiemama Enjoyable Historical Read

May 5, 2016 Last Promise was a delightful, clean romance, once in awhile you just want to pick up a book that you are not afraid when your child, mother or grandmother picks it up this was that book. What wasn’t there to love about this book, it had the small town atmosphere, where everyone knows everyone; family, who loved to razz each other but there when needed, a little suspense, & a little laughs, especially when it came to Luke’s twin nephews Cade & Cody almost everything that came out of their mouths had me laughing & COWBOYS, (this is one reader who loves her cowboys). I just loved how Luke didn’t know how to react when Mary Ann didn’t go all googly eyes over him when all the rest of the single girls in town did. At the beginning of the story I thought oh no Mary Ann was going to be one of those English ladies that thought they where above everyone else but only a few pages in I became to like her. My only regret with this book was it was my first & makes want to go back someday & read Colt & Victoria, Jake & Promises stories. If you are looking for a good weekend read I recommend Last Promise you will get lost in the Wild West for a few hours like I did.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5 out of 5.