Apocalyptic thriller writer, Nathan Combs and I have joined efforts to create a pamphlet encouraging and offering tips to writers. Sneak preview below of our WRITE ON pamphlet to be released soon:

My name is Nathan, and I wanted to write a book since the boa constrictor was an earthworm, or at least since Roosevelt was president—the second one, not Teddy.

      I’m Scarlett, and I wanted to write a book since I was a wee girl—just yesterday.


     Someday I’m gonna write a book.

     Lots of people have had that thought.

     For most, that’s all it was—a blip on the screen.

     A fantasy.

     It’s been said that every journey starts with a single step. We don’t know who said that, but it’s a good aphorism. The journey from I wanna write a book to I’m a published author is no different.

     When the I’m gonna write a book monsterescaped to form the germ of an idea, did you talk to your old college professor, or your Great-Aunt Mary, for direction?

     Yeah, well, if you did, you knew ahead of time that your old college professor knows everything there is to know about writing a book, but strangely enough, he’s never written one.

    And while your Great-Aunt Mary is a bookworm, she’s never written a book either.

     But thanks to the Internet and Amazon, the world’s library, here you are, reading a book on how to write a book.      Maybe you doubled down and bought two or three books.