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Do you dream? I love to dream. When I was young, I was always daydreaming. Most likely about horses or animals. As a little girl, I always wanted my own horse. I wanted to write books. At first, I thought I would write non-fiction since I loved ready history books. Then I loved inspirational books. But I’ve learned that my plan may not be God’s plan. The one thing I knew I couldn’t do was give up on my dreams. Sometimes we may think our dreams will never become a reality. During the tough times when we see little for our efforts, we must act on faith, and just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

For our dreams to become reality, it is necessary to put action behind those dreams. It’s like a diet – yep, that dreaded word. We can want to be thinner, want to be in shape, what to look better in our clothes, but unless an action is applied to your wants, you are going to be in the same place next year. An action is not an affirmation – though affirmations are great – but action requires some sweat – mental or physical. The sweat is worth whatever you are trying to achieve, because once you have that feeling of fulfilling a dream, you will come to love the sweat equity! Keep dreaming – and make your dreams larger and larger! Nothing is impossible!





















Say hello to a cutie pie! Dream Boy!



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