Happy summer!

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Welcome Summer!

I absolutely love warm weather, and I don’t even mind the humidity. As I watch the swans, geese and ducks swimming on the lake, I wonder if they are enjoying the higher temps as much as I do! Of course, when it’s 90 degrees and 100% humidity I often want to jump in there with them!

I’m busy this summer working on my new trilogy, WHISPERING PINES. It was sort of sad to see the last of the McBride brothers (LAST PROMISE) in the PROMISES trilogy, but who knows, they may surface again one day. It’s a bit difficult for me to stay at the keyboard when summer gets here, but I get up earlier so I can take advantage of the sunny days. It’s wonderful to walk in the early morning when no one is up but the deer and other wildlife running around. This morning I saw two deer on the other side of the lake, and the ducks were nesting just ten feet away.

I hope you enjoy your summer, and of course, catch up on a lot of reading!





fowl family The lovely fowl family!

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