The Whispering Pines Trilogy

Coming 2017!

Whispering Pines is a legendary place full of secrets. The owner of Whispering Pines ranch, Morgan LeMasters, a handsome hard-working man, understands and respects the secrets on his ranch. But his peaceful existence has been disrupted for years by his neighbor’s grandson, Frankie Langtry.

Frank and his gang have been rustling Morgan’s cattle and horses for years. Morgan has tolerated Frankie’s deeds out of deference to Granny and Preacher Langtry. The latest rustling, combined with a long standing feud between the two men, has Morgan finally seeking revenge for past wrongs. His patience at an end, the day of reckoning is at hand.

Along with the sheriff, Morgan is hot on the trail of Frank and his misfit gang. Frank has evaded the law to date, but as he sits with his neck in a noose, his sister, Rose Langtry, puts a halt to the proceedings. She is coming home to Whispering Pines after an absence of seven years. Rose is unaware her beloved eldest brother, Frankie, is now known as a horse thieving, cattle rustling criminal. And he is graduating to more serious crimes.

Frank escapes the noose, but coming so close to death at the hand of Morgan doesn’t change his outlaw ways. When he learns of Rose’s impending marriage to Morgan LeMasters, he vows to keep them apart at all costs. Frank can’t contain his hatred for Morgan, and he tries to destroy Whispering Pines to fulfill his pledge.

I hope you enjoy following Rose and Morgan, Adelaide and Jack, Emma and Clay, in these stories of revenge, love, forgiveness, and of course, happily-ever-after.